How to cook veggie korma

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Toast coriander and cumin seed in a dry skillet and then add to the mortar.

Pestlize the crunch right out of em. Take it! take it!

After you toast the seeds, spill a little oil into the pan. That shit will heat up RIIIIIIGHT quick. Pour in the nigella seeds and fry, a minute or so in, add turmeric and toss them around the pan.

Blend the onion and three dried chilies (seeds removed) in a food processor until well blended, as paste as paste can be. Like, pasty.

Add onion to the pan with the nigella seed and stir it around.

And now, the crushed seeds get lumped into this mess. Doesn't it look despicably dry right now? If no-one is looking I would just encourage you to spit in here. I mean, why not? It's YOUR life!!!!

Wow, I sure spit a lot! Or, I used some ladle-fuls of stock from boiling the rootie-tootie vegetables to soak these smooshed seeds. This will be the cradle of saucilization. Honour her.

I put in like a BIG pile of yoghourt. Thick. A big, thick pile of yoghourt.

Some creamed coconut and a sprinkle of sea salt too. Melt it down. I added the chopped green chilies to this too. This was the moment.

I wanted to creaminess to come from multiple directions so I added some tahineh as well. When this is blended I pour and scrape it into the pot with the veggies and stock.

These are the boiled vegetables in less of the stock/pot liquor since some went to the sauce. I opened a tin of peas and chucked 'em in too. I would say its for colour but seriously, look at this!

Some baby spinach. I deveined them cuz I do that. Like obsessively. Add the spinach and the rest of the chopped green chilies and then simmer for a while. Like 20 minutes.

Finished with a bowl of short grain sweet rice, and some coriander leaves on top. A squeeze of lemon won't hurt either.

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