How to make abstract nails :)

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The supplies I used!

Make sure nails are clean! Sorry for my short whatever nails, I removed my acrylics I had due to a relapse of biting :( so natural I shall start over!!! ;)

Start with a base coat, this strengthening stuff is a BEAST! I LOVE IT! Paint and allow to dry

Make a sideways stripe with the first color like this.....

They should look like this...if the direction looks weird it's because this is of my left hand lol...allow to dry, and we will fix the mess at the end ;) no worries

Once the first color (of your choice) has dried, add an opposite stripe of black, it shall Look like a V

They should look like this, (sorry for the blurriness) and allow to dry

Take your black (and a thin art brush)...

And make a black stripe parallel to the thick black stripe, allow to dry

They will look like this

Take a glitter, and your thin art brush...

And add a glitter stripe wherever you choose on the choice of your two lines..I did mine on the thick part :)

Like all these...

Take your Q-Tip dipped in polish remover and clean up around your nails


Allow them to dry and add a top clear coat for the shiny factor! And we are done!!! More nail tutorials coming soon, and they all look tons better when you have longer nails ;) so like and comment!

Watch the video: Modern Abstract Pro Nail Art Design

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