How to make aloe vera shampoo

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Round up your supplies.

Slice off the prickly sides, then cut as close as you can to one of the leaves so that most of the jelly is on one side. I cut off the tip and bottom to save for other uses like blemishes, cuts, etc.

This is the side with most of the jelly.

Use a spoon to scrape out the gel into the blender. I'm using my measuring spoon as the edges are sharper, making it easier to scrape out the jelly.

Add two ounces of aloe vera juice to the blender with the gel. I find that this helps to thin out the jelly a bit making it easier to strain out more jelly without the pulp.

Blend baby blend! It will get frothy, but no worries. I blended for about a 40 seconds.

Next, strain your mix. Use a spoon to gently stir the mixture to help it strain. Don't force the mix to strain; you don't want any of the pulp to sneak in your shampoo.

These are the bits you want to keep out of your mix.

Your shampoo should look like this.

Pour the shampoo into a bottle, preferably with a pump as it makes for easier application. I think a bottle with a applicator tip would work well also so that you can thoroughly cleanse the scalp. 💆

Bam! Aloe shampoo. Store in the fridge for about five days. It will turn pink with oxidation, but is still good to use. Look out for my how- to application video on YT. ☀️

Squeaky clean moisturized curls without a stripped feeling,

Thanks a mucho for swing in' through! If you liked this guide please check out my others! 🐔 Happy Holidays!!! 🎄

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