How to roast a chicken in a vegetable nest w/cream sauce

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Clean all your ingredients and give your bird a pat or two to dry it off

Masala and jerk spice. I use these all the time. I'm actually just to cheap to have a well stocked pantry, so when I find delicious spice blends, I use them a lot.

Preheat oven to 400F

Peel your carrots if they are older, these came straight from my garden and jut needed a scrub

Cut the tip off and make a 45 degree cut.

Roll the carrot a 1/4 turn and make another 45 degree cut.

Keep rolling and cutting the carrots into even sized pieces

Evenly cut the taters

Large slices of onions

Peel the garlic. My mind was just blown recently with the "peel garlic in 10 sec" trick. Google it. Add the whole cloves to the chopped veg

Squash needs the skin off it too.

Scoop out the seeds.

Cut the bottom and the top off and then chunk it into even pieces.

Add the olive oil and season the veg with the masala curry

This will be the bed for the chicken to sit in.

These two are always lurking around the kitchen while I cook. :)

Squeeze and rub lemon over the chicken.

Coat your bird with the jerk spic

Take the wing tip in your hand.

Bend it under the chicken. It should fit in quite snugly. Sort of like when I try an sit cross legged

All tucked in

Cross the legs and use skewers to hold them in place. Two skewers should do it but use as many as you need to get a nicely shaped and compact bird.

Make a "nest" in the vegetables an pop the tray in the oven

30 minutes in and I noticed that I'm brow on up too much.

Cover with tin foil if this happens with yours.

Just after an hour and it's nearly done.

Add a drizzle of honey over the chicken and place it back in the oven, uncovered for 10 minutes

Bam. Looks good

Drain the juices and fats off of the vegetables.

Separate the fat and chicken drippings.

Sauce time. Melt the butter in a sauce pan over medium high heat

Add the flour and incorporate it into the butter

Should look like this

Add cold milk in 1/3 cup increments.

Bring each addition to a boil before adding the next increment of milk. This will keep the sauce from lumping.

after the first few additions the milk will full incorporate and look like a dough. Don't worry, this is normal and it will smooth out eventually

Keep at er a little bit at a time.

Starting to smooth out and come together.

Once the sauce is lump free and resembles a sauce, add the drippings to the pan.

Some BBQ sauce to spice it up a bit

Salt and pepper

A splash of cream

And finish it with butter

Cut up your bird and serve it up.

Oops. It looked so good and I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of the final dish. ;)

Thanks for having a gander at my guide. Please browse my other guides for more simple ideas and big flavours. "️" this if you do and "Follow" me for more like this as they come. Cheers!🐔

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