How to make decorative bottles

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Take your empty bottle (like I said it can be any bottle), I like to use the heavier, bigger bottles because they can hold up better than say a smaller lightweight bottle.

Fill up a sink of VERY hot or warm water, and submerse your bottle. Leave it sit for about 5 minutes, because then the paper and glue will come off in pretty much one piece, instead of shredding.

After you clean off and rinse out, you have a nice brand new bottle!!! :)

Allow your bottle to dry inside and out, you can leave it outside or, blow dry, or towel dry it doesn't matter...

Use a well ventilated area and flat surface, and place something down that you don't mind getting paint on

Take the spray paint, color of your choice...

And wa-lah! Spray until bottle is coated nicely. You may have to do a couple coats, and flip over and do it again. Be careful of causing runs, and allow to dry.

Once your bottle is completely dried, grab some ribbon of your choice (optional, you can leave the bottle plain if you choose)

You can use this, or even a hot glue gun, that may work better but this brush on super glue worked fine for me

Make anything you choose on your bottle and secure the ends on the bottle with the super glue. I also did another and wrapped ribbon around it. Be creative!

Get your vase goodies, I used holiday twiggy things

And bouquet how you choose!!!! Our house is a red, black, and white themed so that's what I went with :)

Here's another example! Happy decorating y'all!!


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