How to create a duck tape flower pen

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Here are my supplies. You can use more or less duct tape, I chose 3 because I think it looks cool with a bunch of colors. The orange roll is a little bent up. But that doesn't matter.

Cut a piece of duct tape the length of your pen. I did it a little below the pen tip.

Roll it up. It doesn't matter if it isn't all even.

Now I start using my other colors.

Measure 2 inches of duct tape with your ruler. After a while I stopped using a ruler and started guess-estimating.

Now I have my square of duck tape.

Here is the out come. You keep making the same color or you can keep switching colors. Also if you want you can make different patterns. Just have fun with it!

You can either continue making petals or you can put the petal on and make another petal and put it on then make another petal, etc. I use the second way.

For the first petal put the end of the pen on one edge of the sticky petal part.

Roll and smooth the petal as you roll the pen.

Here is the outcome for the first petal. As you put more on you can make the petal pattern orderly or random. However you want.

As it gets bigger you have 2 options either make a open flower or a tighter flower kind of like a rose.

To make a tight flower continue put all the petals on just like the the first few petals. I don't like the closed flowers as much as I like the open flowers. The open flowers are happier to me.

This is the flower I made.

You can also make a leaf by making a petal in the color of your stem and stick it on.

Watch the video: How to make a duct tape flower pen.

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