How to make a flower hair clip

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Supplies! Use any kind of flowers that suits you. I used some old ones from sewing, and an old hair clip I had, stripped of it's beads (saved to reuse later ^-^).

Cut off the stems.

I left some a bit longer just in case. It proved to be helpful later. You can always cut more if you need it.

My hair clip had a hole in the middle so I glued a wick clip to it for easy gluing. A penny would work, or anything flat and round. I also spray painted it. Both are optional.

Get an idea of how you want your flowers. Keep the size of your clip in mind. Mine is pretty small.

Start gluing!

Start with your biggest flowers.

Then your smaller, sturdier ones.

Lastly, your small dainty ones to make it look softer. :)

I clipped it to my hat.

Watch the video: Easy DIY Flower and Beads Hair Accessories and Giveaway Winners


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