How to make cheese balls

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Finely & carefully grate Parmesan cheese in a food processor.

Add 25g plain flour

Add 1tbs of cream cheese

Like so..

Add one large egg white, black pepper & chilli powder into the mixture in food processor

Mix it all up,then scope it out of the food processor and knead it.

Wrap it in cling film

Place it in the refrigerator for an hour!

chop Gouda cheese/ Irish cheddar cheese into cubes.

Like so..

Take the Parmesan dough out of the refrigerator and use 1 tablespoon measurement to scope out the dough.

Roll it with your hand

Make a dent with your thumb

Place a cube of cheese inside the dent then roll it with your hand to make a round shape.

Like so..

Rest of 25g flour goes on a tray to roll the cheese balls, cover them with flour.

Deep fry it in frying oil on medium heat

When golden brown, remove them.

The cheese inside should be runny like so..

Be creative and make your own flavours. I made chilli cheese & mushroom cheese balls. Serve it with your favourite dips.

This was really fun to make! If you like my guide please share, like and follow me for more guides! Thank You! Be inspired <3

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