How to make a quick children's e-book

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Download BOOK CREATOR by RED JUMPER STUDIO (free version only allows one book at a time, but you can delete it once it is finished and make another.)

Download IBOOKS by APPLE (free)

Open Book Creator and Tap the PLUS to make a new book

Then tap NEW BOOK.

I added a photo and text by tapping the PLUS at the top right of the screen

You can also add a sound or draw something.

Tap the WHITE ARROW on the left of the screen to go to a new page. Add another photo and some more text. When you are finished adding pages tap MY BOOKS at the top-left of the screen.

Now tap the EXPORT icon (little arrow in a rectangle). It is going to export an EPUB file. IBooks uses the EPUB file type. Tap OPEN IN ANOTHER APP.


Now you can flip through your book.


Give it some rhyme and reason and BAM! Dr Seuss.

Watch the video: How To PUBLISH your Childrens Book on AMAZON in 10 MINUTES!

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