How to Make Puppet Theatre Out of a Box, No Sew Curtains!

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A large box from a package we ordered. But you can use any large box and cut to fit for an opening, even if all sides are even.

Really good scissors that can cut through card board

Shower hooks, I got these at Ross on clearance for $3

Old pillowcase

Velcro sticky backs pre cut from craft store, got it for $3, probably could've got it cheaper with a michaels coupon but didn't have one on me! :(

Packaging tape

Our finger puppets and the puppet master himself!!

We are going to cut an opening for the doors on the long side of the box opening.

Score the board along the rib of the box to make a straight line to cut, makes it easier to cut also!

Make sure puppies and children are out of the way before you cut!! That's our Pomapoo Martini!

Here is how it looks after one side is cut out. Baili our Jack Russell watching curiously!

And now both doors!

On the top flap, cut a line through, this will be the part for the curtains. Make it wide enough for movement. I put tape on the bottom opening so the curtains glide a bit more.

Add the velcro to secure the doors. The easiest way is to put the pieces together and adhere to one side, and close the door to adhere to the other.

Doors will now secure in place!

Take pillow case and open up seam with scissors to open it up. We will be using the folded seam as the bottom part of the curtain.

Measure length for curtain opening. With a marker, mark dots for curtain hooks leaving 3-4 inches on top of hole so you can fold it over. I used 10 hooks. Then cut off excess on top and in half.

Fold over fabric and cut through folded part with scissors where you marked the holes. This will be the opening for the hooks.

Put hooks through holes. Leaving you a semi finished look without the need to sew.

Almost done!


And we're ready for the show!!! We'll probably paint and decorate our theatre later. We got started on the decorating as you can see with a pen. Nice project for a rainy day! And hours of fun later!


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