How to Make a Ductape Flower Ring

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Cut a piece of tape an inch wide and around 4inches longs. It just depends on how big your finger is.

Then tape it like this. Make sure its loose because when you add the petals it can get a little tighter.

Now if you want to, put some blue tape on the top. Otherwise youll be able to see white in the middle of your flower. It doesnt matter if this parts messy.

Cut about 15 little inch long squares.

Take one and fold the corner down like this.

The take the other corner and fold it over... it looks like this.

Repeat this to the rest of the squares. Theses are the petals.

Start wrapping petals around the ring.

Continue wrapping until you think theres enough. I ended up using all of them.

When youre done it should look something like this!

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