How to Make a 10 Minute Simple Summer Dress

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I got 1 yard of shirred fabric. I bought it at Walmart for $12.95. I put 2 yards on the supply list so that it covers any size you may make since 1 yard fits a medium

PREWASH!!!! Do not skip this step, wash your fabric BEFORE sewing. It does shrink up a bit.

Wrap it around and stretch till it feels comfortable, either do this yourself and wrap to the front and pin, or have a friend help.

Cut any excess fabric leaving seam allowance of at least 5/8. With 1 yard I got, it to fit perfectly without cutting, (equivalent to size medium) so more or less fabric is needed for small or large

Pin fabric right sides together

Sew with 5/8 seem allowance

Try it on, this was a bit loose do I sewed in another 5/8 then it fit perfect

Cut excess fabric from seem leaving approx 1/4-1/2 inch seem (you can see what's left after cutting in next step)

Iron to set seem (see the clean seem allowance that I cut)

Zig zag stitch the seem allowance to prevent fraying.

Wear your sassy new dress ;)

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