How to Properly Change a Toilet Paper Roll

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The first step in proper TP installing is simply being aware. Take note when you see this scenario. You know you are getting close to a potentially awkward situation of being stuck in the mud.

This is the worst situation a person can experience. Running on empty when you really have to go. Let's take action!

Start by having a good supply of the top quality bulk purchased TP on hand. Here I'm going with embossed for maximum comfort.

IMPORTANT! Do not squish the roll or it will not perform properly once installed. A bit like having a car tire that is out of balance.

Remove the empty clip and prepare for reload by removing the dust created by the TP as it could ignite and cause fire in extreme usage situations.

Properly dispose of the empty by recycling or give to your kids to use for all sorts of crafts and imaginary purposes.

MOST IMPORTANT STEP! Please for the love of the throne, take time to determine which way the roll unwinds. This is critical and you will see why after install in the next step.

A properly installed roll will always come over the top and unroll in the front, not the back. This is a crucial part of TP etiquette. Having it unroll toward the back is very inefficient!

Thanks for being aware of the critical nature of proper TP installation. Remember, over the top and out the front!

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