How to Make French Press Coffee

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Gather all the supplies.

Measure 20g of beans for a 12oz cup. The bean to water ratio should be 1/17.

Set your grinder to a consistency of course sand. Grind.

[Ground beans]

Heat the water to 195-204° (just short of boiling.) Pre warm the French Press, then dispose of the water.

Dump the coffee grounds into the French Press and zero the scale. Start your timer at 4:00. Begin pouring the water into the French Press.

Pour 340g of water and let sit.

With 0:30 remaining, break the bloom.

After 4:00 has elapsed, plunge the press.

Slowly pour into your favorite Offero cup, withholding the last half ounce or so.


Watch the video: Tutorial: How to make perfect French Press coffee at home.


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