How to Perform a Chair Yoga Practice

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Please consult with a physician before performing any exercise or pose or starting any exercise program.

Begin in Seated Mountain Pose. Press your sitting bones into the seat of the chair and point the crown of your head toward the ceiling to lengthen your spine.

Perform neck stretches to relax your head and warm up your neck.

Bring your palms together in front of your chest in Prayer Pose.

Circle your arms out to each side and then bring your palms together overhead to perform arm stretches.

Bend your left elbow & bring your left forearm behind your back, resting the back of your hand in the middle of your back, near your shoulder blades....

... Extend your right arm over your head. Then bend your right elbow & clasp the fingers of your hands.

Perform steps 5 and 6 for your other side.

Return to Seated Mountain Pose.

Perform shoulder stretches to relieve tightness in your upper back, shoulders and neck.

Raise your arms above your head, palms facing, your shoulders relaxed & down.

Place your right hand on your right hip & extend your left arm overhead with your palm facing in. Stretch to the right to perform a Seated Side Bend.

Perform step 11 for your other side.

Return to Seated Mountain Pose.

Raise your arms to shoulder height in front of you, palms facing up. Cross your left arm over your right arm so your elbows are on top of each other.

... Bend your elbows & wrap your forearms around each other so your palms are facing each other, fingers pointing straight up.

Repeat steps 14 to 15 for your other side.

Return to Seated Mountain Pose.

Extend your arms over your head and then bend forward from your hips to move into Chair Forward Bend.

Return to Seated Mountain Pose.


Interlace your fingers under your right thigh & lift your right knee up toward your chest to move into Seated Knee to Chest Pose.


Perform Seated Knee to Chest Pose for your other side.


Return to Seated Mountain Pose.


Place your right ankle on top of your left knee & rest your right hand just above your right knee. Gently press your right knee toward the floor to perform Chair Hip Stretch.


Perform Chair Hip Stretch for your other side.


Return to Seated Mountain Pose.


Position the right side of your body facing the chair back & hold the chair back with your hands at shoulder height. Twist to the right to move into Chair Twist.


Perform Chair Twist for your other side.


Return to Mountain Pose.


Move your chair close to a table & perform Chair Forward Bend, resting your forearms on the table & resting your head on your forearms. Stay in this pose for a few minutes, allow your body to relax.


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