How to Draw an Anime/ Manga Character Face:)

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Basically all you need is a pencil and several sheets of lined or blank paper

Start by making a "V" shape at the mid-area of your paper, make sure to have a good eraser just in case!

Next, make two slightly jutting lines out of the "V" shape, don't curve too much or you'll get a pudgy looking face!

Next, close the head with a crescent shape. You may need the eraser here:)

Next, add a neck! I like to add a body before the facial features so you can get a feel of this character's personality! Ex.) Punk, Hipster, Rocker, Etc.

Then, add the shoulders! It's completely YOUR choice for how broad and wide the shoulders are!

Next, add some detail to the neck area!

Next, add some form of clothing! I added a V-Neck because it's a simple piece of clothing!

Next, add the ear! Make sure to erase the outline on the head after you draw the ear!

Next, some detail in the ear! Sorry about the shadow! I'm not the best photographer:)

Next, start the hair just behind the neck! You can choose to do this step or not!

Next, continue on with the hair! Make sure to draw lightly!

Bring that hair on in for the close!

Erase anything within the hair except for the ear! Then darken the hair outline!

Start the nose!

Start the eye!

Start an eyebrow in whatever emotion you'd like!

Draw your mouth to match the eyebrows! You want emotions to mix not Sad/Smile or Rage/Frown :)

Now, Fill, Texture, and Shade the hair!

To Shade rub your pencil rapidly across one spot you want to shade and then take your fingers or palm and rub over the area until you've spread the graphite across the paper!


Now darken and add any defining features to your character and you're done!


These are some of the other drawings I've done! :)


Sai Akuto from Demon King Diamao


Luffy from One Piece (first attempt lol)


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