How to Make Colored Jeans

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Get a pair of Jeans you LOVE the fit of... Purchase Bleach, Color Remover, and Fabric Dye all from your local Dollar Store.

Make sure your Jeans are washed and dried. Put them in your Bucket you don't mind ruining or a stainless steel sink.

Add HOT or BOILING water to the Jeans and squish down to ensure they are all under the water. No air trapped inside the pants!

Add your Color Remover and still constantly for 20minutes. Make sure you are keeping movement in the Bucket/Sink so that the color is removed equally.

Next you'll probably need to bleach your Jeans as the Color Remover may not do a perfect job. Ensure you have them as colorless as possible. Wash and dry your Jeans again.

Fill your Bucket/Sink w/ HOT water & add 2 Boxes of fabric dye. Stirring them until desired color. Pull them out 1 shade darker/brighter than you want as they will tone down after the 1st wash.

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Watch the video: DIY: A new way to dye your jeans!

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