How to Make a Balloon Bike

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Inflate 5 "260" balloons almost fully- leaving a 1/4" uninflated and giving them a good burp

Take the first balloon, fold in in half, and put a twist in the middle

Twist a small bubble in the second balloon and attach it at the twist in the first balloon

Spiral the second balloon around the first balloon keeping a constant pressure on the balloon while spiraling

Make a small bubble in the end of the spiral and twist it into the first balloon (this will become the first tire and handle bars)

Take the next two balloons and fold in half and twist together to make an x with equal size legs

Take the remaining balloon and twist a small bubble at the end and attach it to the center of the x

Spiral fifth balloon around the "x" keeping a constant pressure on the balloon as you spiral it

Twist a small bubble at the end of the spiral and attach around 2 of the spokes (trapping wheel between them)

Do the same with the second pair of legs

Take one of the legs that is not attached to the tire bubble... Bring it up and twist it into the two legs and the little bubble.... It should look like this. (will be back tire, seat & bike frame)

Make a small bubble at the end of the three remaining legs and twist them together

In the leg sticking up from the tire, twist a small bubble at the top and then make a loop and twist together (making bike seat)

Twist both balloons on front tire together and connect to bubbles at end of bike frame

Gently give the handle bars a little bend

Both of them

And voila... A balloon bike :-)

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