How to Replace Handle Bar Grip Tape on a Bike

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My grip tape came loose.

Got some new tape.

It comes with grip tape, tube caps and end tape. You can just use electrical tape (black plastic tape) if you don't want the logos.

First get everything out of the way so you can remove your old tape. My bike has these shifter brakes and I could flip the plastic up.

Then I peeled the old tape off. Take note of any tricky ways the old tape goes around your bars.

Start wrapping by making a slight cone at the end of the handle.

When you get to the brake go up through the inside.

Then over the top.

Then under inside.

Then over the top from the outside.


I wrapped an extra piece under the wrapping for some cushion.

Put the caps on the ends.

Use the included electrical tape or your own to hold the grip tape at the center of the handle bars. All done!

Watch the video: Removing and Wrapping New Handlebar Tape


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